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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Genius Idea

Over the past weekend some neighbors that I grew up next to in Texas came by and visited for a few days. Their youngest daughter was looking at colleges in the Southern California area. After some serious school scoping they decided to do a little sightseeing on the last day they were here. We did the usual touristy stuff...Hollywood, Manns Theater, Kodak Center, Rodeo Drive. In the bask of the Hollywood sign we had lunch and talked about certain L.A.'isms. The conversation turned to the daily car chases that frequent California's highways. After listening for a minute College Dad sat back and offered a solution to the whole high speed chase problem. I thought it was genius. He said that the California Highway Patrol should invest in a giant military helicopter like a Chinook. These things are heavy lift capable and can carry tanks. They could fit it with an electro-magnet. Just think of the possibilities.

Some yo-yo is flying down the highway with a parade of police cars trailing behind. The chase is going to last for hours and screw up traffic all over the place, not to mention jeopardize people's lives. They call in the Heli-mag. The Heli-mag swoops down and acquires the target. Once they are close enough the co-pilot flips a switch, energizing the magnet. The car lifts up off the ground. No more car chase. They could then fly car and driver straight to the penitentiary.

On the side they could make some extra money as a service. You are stuck in traffic and are going to be late. You call Sky Tow. Within minutes Sky Tow arrives, drops a magnet, picks you up and transports you to your destination. You just sit back and relax. You could even take a nap while you fly to work...all in the comfort of your own automobile. That would be awesome! Too bad that world only exists in my head.


  • At 12:24 AM, Blogger dusty said…

    Genius. I would pay for the Sky Tow if I had money. Of course, since you thought of the idea and will of course be the owner of the Sky Tow company, I would get free rides, right? Right???

  • At 9:32 AM, Blogger AJ Gentile said…

    That would be AWESOME.

    Can you also RENT SkyTow? Say, if I have only 30 minutes to get to the Valley and I'm way the hell down in Santa Monica?


  • At 8:55 PM, Blogger Astakashi said…

    Why would you want to go to the Valley? It is hot and full of porn. Oh wait, I answered my own question.


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